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8 1/2


Cited (especially by filmmakers) as one of the greatest films ever made, Fellinis extravaganza now restored blends autobiography, fantasy, satire and self-critique.

Struggling with the follow-up to his recent hit, Guido (Mastroianni) clearly Fellinis alter ego retreats into a realm of reminiscence, anxiety and fantasy that reflects his feelings about the film folk constantly pestering him and the women in his life: his wife (Aime), his mistress (Milo) and his ideal actress (Cardinale). Gianni Di Venanzos striking black-and-white camerawork blends realist observation with an evocation of Guidos inner dreamworld, Mastroianni invests the self-centred protagonist with charm and a degree of dignity, and Nino Rotas score brings coherence to the freewheeling circus that is Guidos chaotic routine. Creative block rarely resulted in such feverish invention.
(Geoff Andrew, Senior Film Programmer)

Продолжительность: 2 часа 18 минут

Режиссер: Федерико Феллини
В ролях: Анук Эме, Барбара Стил, Гвидо Альберти, Жан Ружель, Катерина Боратто, Клаудия Кардинале, Мадлен Лебо, Марио Пизу, Росселла Фальк, Сандра Мило, Эддра Гейл, Марчелло Мастроянни

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